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Clear Brew – Dispense Quality from Keg or Cask to Glass

Here at Clear Brew, we understand Beer, it’s what we do and all we do. We understand the processes involved in growing, brewing, delivery and the dispense of both keg and cask products and ultimately how those products should be served and enjoyed by customers throughout the UK and indeed the world.

For years and years beer lines have been maintained on a weekly cycle and whilst we agree that there is nothing wrong with traditional manual line cleaning times have changed with the industry moving forward with advancements in cooling, machinery, chemicals and indeed the products themselves.

Whilst many of these new advancements require huge installation costs and/or on- going fees and contracts and others sold simply as a fit and forget, all have been designed to move line cleaning frequency away from said weekly cleaning.

Where we stand apart is that our tried and tested methods are designed to simply marry up to the existing cellar set up, no expensive installs, no contracts and no upfront money, simple!

Couple this with our own unique and portable water fed mixing units, market leading chemicals and industry tested inhibitors means that our Eco led fully managed and labour inclusive repeat Beer line cleaning service reduces costs, cuts waste, minimises risk and improves draught beer line quality.

With no upfront costs and seeking no contracts our service becomes a vital repeat service that our customers come to rely on and are happy to endorse. To find out more simply continue to scroll down or go straight to our beer line cleaning page.

As we have grown we have adapted and constantly tried to be the very best at what we do and in 2012 we began franchising our business model.

We chose franchising rather than just employing people and our nationwide network of highly trained franchised owner/operators care passionately about what they do and why, have a vested interest in our business, their business and more importantly their customers businesses.

We have just welcomed our 37th franchisee and are looking to continue to expand therefore if you are interested in finding out more please visit our Franchise Opportunities page.

What We Do

Clear Brew simply offer an alternative to regular in house line cleaning. Our beer line cleaning service includes all labour, machinery and chemicals. It is designed to save time and money whilst improving the delivery and quality of draught products that you serve your customers.

Our beer line cleaning service runs over a 21-day repeat cycle and can reduce overall costs by up to 60% and improve draught product quality.

We also offer a full one-off deep cleaning service to those establishments that have been neglected or closed for a period of time and we offer a full winter close down, leaving your complete dispense system clean and protected and when coupled with our re opening service ready to go

Further to this we supply a fantastic range of total cellar to bar chemicals all available via our on line shop or direct from our network of franchised owner/operators.

How it works

We use natural energy inhibitors that have been tried tested and approved by Brewing Research International. Inhibitors are used in many different applications and are proven to inhibit yeast particles, they are simply attached to the keg and cask lines within the cellar and are totally unobtrusive

These inhibitors, together with our market leading trade strength chemical treatment, combined with our own unique portable water fed mixing unit allows us to clean lines under water pressure and to regulate and clean each and every line with the correct dosage therefore replacing traditional inconvenient weekly cleaning regimes, with a fully managed cost effective, energy saving, three-weekly service performed by our highly trained technicians. This Standardised system is safe and very efficient, with minimal disturbance to the premises.

Our methods will reduce wastage (ullage) by up to 66%, and save your business time and money cutting waste, minimising risk, maintaining and in most cases, improving draught beer line quality. With no upfront costs and seeking no contracts, Clear Brew becomes a vital repeat service that our customers come to rely on and are happy to endorse.

Environmental Policy

Our aim is to continually look at new ways to enhance our future need for sustainability and to lesson our impact on the environment, endeavouring to improve our performance year on year. We are constantly reducing our carbon footprint by using 100% recycled paper and using effective route planning, combined with ways to reduce our transport related carbon emissions

Saving our customers annually and counting !!

£ 2 940 057

Saving our customers per annum

1 048 950

Total pints saved per annum

£ 2943

Average saving per customer

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