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About Us

LJ Financial Planning Limited was formed in 2004 by the current shareholders and directors of the firm, all of whom have worked within financial services for over 20 years. We are based in Warrington in the Northwest of England however we provide advice and services throughout the UK and Europe via our network of qualified and professional independent financial planners.

Truly independent financial advice

We provide independent financial advice to business owners, companies and individuals to help plan for their financial futures. This is delivered by a constantly growing team of experienced advisers who are supported within the firm by compliance, technical, paraplanning, sales support and finance teams using the latest technology and market leading products to deliver the best possible solutions for clients.

Continuous development for expert guidance

All advisers within the firm commit to undertake regular and ongoing ‘continuous professional development’ to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills across all financial planning areas. Many advisers within the firm have also gained higher level qualifications and individual Chartered status and Fellowships through our in-house exam training academy.

All of the products and services that we offer are tailored to meet our clients’ objectives, providing a personal approach to a complex financial world.

Chartered Status

The concept of Chartered professionalism traces its roots back many centuries, to the years following the Norman invasion of 1066. Across the professional landscape, from accountants to surveyors and civil engineers and including insurance practitioners and financial planners, Chartered status stands proud as an indicator of the highest standard of learning and ethical behaviour. The Chartered Insurance Institute is empowered by the Privy Council to award Chartered status to only deserving firms that satisfy rigorous criteria relating to qualifications and ethics.

The highest standards for the best possible advice

LJ Financial Planning Limited has held Corporate Chartered status since February 2009 and is committed to an overall standard of excellence and professionalism. To retain our title, we must ensure that the advice, services and support we provide are of the highest quality. Our advice must be based solely on researched needs and objectives, and provided by someone competent to discuss products and services that meet your requirements.

  • We ensure all our financial planners’ technical and professional knowledge and competence through professional qualifications.
  • We keep our financial planners’ knowledge and skill up to date through continuing professional development.
  • All our staff must be members of the Personal Finance Society and comply with its Code of Ethics, which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions.

Our Chartered title means a lot to us. It was not easily achieved and it takes continuous investment in client service and commitment to professionalism to maintain it.

The Advice & Planning Process

Whether we are providing advice to an individual or a business, the financial planning process is the same:

  1. Establishing a client relationship
    Your adviser will clearly explain the services to be provided to you and will define your and their responsibilities within your relationship. They will explain how and when the firm will be paid and agree how long the professional relationship should last.
  2. Gathering data, objectives and goals
    Your adviser will ask for information about your financial situation and any existing plans you have and will discuss your needs and goals and your ideal timescales to achieve them. They will also discuss how you feel about various financial risks.
  3. Analysing and evaluating your financial status
    Your adviser will analyse the information gathered to assess your current situation and determine what you need to do to meet your needs and goals and will then formulate a plan for you.
  4. Presenting the plans and recommendations
    Your adviser will discuss the plan and offer recommendations that address your needs and goals and will help you understand them fully so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Implementing the recommendations
    Your adviser will implement the recommendations for you or coordinate the process if other professionals are required to be involved such as solicitors, accountants or other specialists.
  6. Monitoring and reviews
    Your adviser will agree a review schedule with you to monitor the progress of the recommendations and make any amendments to them should your circumstances or other relevant factors change.

Individual Planning

We offer a full range of individual financial planning services including:

Business & Corporate Planning

We advise and provide services to businesses throughout the UK from sole traders and small to medium enterprises to larger corporates, including:

Payment For Services

We will charge you a fee for providing our advice and services, which may either be paid directly by you or deducted from any plans that we arrange on your behalf. The fees charged will be agreed with you prior to any work being carried out.

If an ongoing service is agreed with your adviser then an ongoing fee will also be levied. This fee will be agreed at outset as will the level of service you will receive for it.

Fees will typically be charged as a fixed amount, a percentage of funds invested or a combination of these. We can also work on a hourly rate if you prefer.

We may receive commission payments for the advising and arranging of pure protection policies and mortgages.


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LJ Financial Planning Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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