Prospect Brewery


Founded in 2007, Prospect Brewery is now one of the North West’s leading independent real ale brewers.
2017 see the start of a new and exciting chapter in our history with the move from Standish, our home for the last 10 years, to our new larger brewery in Wigan Town Centre.
We continue to have strong links to the town’s mining heritage and the names of our beers are closely linked with this history and culture of the town.
Our mission, quite simply, is to bring you imaginative but traditional real ales brewed using just four simple ingredients: barley, whole hops, yeast and water.
Our range of 14 real ales, many of them award winners, are brewed to suit all tastes from the light golden beer of Silver Tally to the delicious dark mild of Nutty Slack and onto the dark stout of Big John.
Our beers are available on draft in over 100 pubs across the North West and beyond. Supplied to the licensed trade in 72 pint casks and 500ml bottles.

Prospect Brewery


Our brewery is a 12 barrel plant brewing an exciting selection of traditional real ales. We supply over 100 pubs across the North of England and beyond as well as bottled ales. We have a unique “Bar in the Brewery” where customers can sample the delights of Prospect ales as the brewing process goes on around them.


April 2007 sees the opening of what will soon be recognised as the “smallest brewery in the UK” following the visit of the BBC’s Oz Clarke and James May. Based in the garage of Patsy’s Mother-in-law’s house at 120 Wigan Road, Standish. With the help of a small dedicated team, this tiny brewing facility became the start of something that has now expanded into one of the regions best known and loved real ale breweries.

Now located at much larger premises the now multi-award winning brewery has a much larger “dedicated to beer” team producing a range of around 15 different real ales with a core range of 8 bitters and 1 dark mild.

The Prospect Brewery Team

Our fantastic team of skilled brewers, draymen, and office bods work with one simple goal in mind, to make and sell the best beer, no compromise.

It’s a happy team, led by Chief Brewster, Patsy Slevin, well they are working in a brewery after all. With a great team spirit, everyone mucks in to help the beer flow smoothly round the brewery, keeping the kegs rolling out of the doors to pubs throughout the North West region and beyond.


Prospect Silver Tally
Prospect Nutty Slack
Prospect Pioneer
A clean, pale golden beer with a bitter sweet balance
An ebony mild with a chocolate aroma, and smokey smooth taste
A chestnut coloured bitter with a malty sweet smell and a taste of sweet, smooth, hop
A pale intensely hopped beer made from 4 different hops
Yellow, gold with zesty citrus notes, refreshingly clean tasting
An award winning pale refreshing beer with citrus and spicy notes
A deep golden ale with a hoppy and bitter flavour, light fruity notes and a grassy floral finish
A golden yellow bitter made with real lemons for a citrus and zesty taste
A dark golden beer packed with fresh ginger and honey
A dark stout bursting with smokey liquorice flavour and a satisfying bitter aftertaste
A full bodied porter with rich complex flavours and hints of chocolate
Spicy dark and luscious
Spicy dark and luscious

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ABV. 3.7%


Look: Golden Yellow
Smell: Fruity, Citrus Hop
Taste: Lemon, Bitter Sweet Balance
A clean, pale golden yellow beer with citrus aromas, A dry bitter sweet balance and full hop flavour.

A tally (usually brass) was used by a miner in exchange for a lamp prior to going down into a coal pit. As such, it was used as an early form of a mine management system. Silver tallys (usually aluminium) were given to miners who had worked overtime, and these could be exchanged for a meal in the canteen.


ABV. 3.9%


Look: Ebony, Red Hue
Smell: Chocolate, Coffee
Taste: Roasted, Smooth, Smoky
A multi-award winning ebony dark mild with a smooth, smokey malty taste and bursting with the aromas of chocolate and roasted coffee.

SIBA National Silver Medal 2009, Mild Category.
Named after a type of coal much prized for its slow-burning qualities.


ABV. 4.0%


Look: Auburn Chestnut
Smell: Malty, Sweet, Toffee
Taste: Sweet, Smooth, Subtle Hop
A light bodied amber beer with aromas of dry pale malt and earthy hops along with a sweet, smooth flavour.

Pioneer is a term used to describe someone who migrated to the west coast of America in search of gold.

Golden Prospects

ABV. 3.8%


Look: Auburn Chestnut
Smell: Malty, Sweet, Toffee
Taste: Sweet, Smooth, Subtle Hop

A golden session bitter, packed with hop flavours of citrus and passion fruit.


ABV. 3.8%


Look: Pale, Straw
Smell: Grapefruit, Fresh Hop
Taste: Zesty, Clean, Refreshing

A pale, straw coloured ale blended with 4 different hop varieties to give a intensely hopped clean flavour and a grapefruit aroma.
The latest addition to our beer range, a pale intensely hopped beer made with 4 different hop varieties. Part of our core beer range but being brewed just once a month throughout 2012 due to a global shortage of amarillo hops.


ABV. 4.0%


Look: Yellow, Gold
Smell: Zesty, Citrus
Taste: Lemon, Refreshing

A pale yellow ale with zesty citrus notes and a clean, refreshing lemon taste.


ABV. 4.2%


Look: Golden Yellow
Smell: Soft, Light Hop
Taste: Light, Refreshing, Quaffable

An award winning pale refreshing beer with citrus and spicy notes alongside a light, refreshing taste.

Bronze award winner at Wigan Beer Festival 2008.
Named after the burst of light often seen at the head of a pit shaft by miners.


ABV. 4.5%


Look: Golden Amber
Smell: Fresh, Sharp, Citrus
Taste: Grapefruit, Malty, Dry

Deep golden ale with a fresh, sharp smell and a distinctive hoppy and bitter taste with just a hint of grapefruit and grassy floral finish.

Named after the infamous Kondike Goldrush of 1896.


ABV. 3.8%


Look: Golden, Yellow
Smell: Zesty, Lemons, Refreshing
Taste: Citrus, Fruity, Crisp

This pale golden yellow bitter is made with real lemons for a citrus, zesty and refreshing taste.

Part of our seasonal beer range – brewed in June, July and August.

Beer named by winner of competition run by the Crown Hotel at Worthington.


ABV. 4.4%


Look: Golden Amber
Smell: Root ginger, Honey
Taste: Ginger, Sweet, Spicy

A golden amber beer made with fresh root ginger giving a heady aroma of ginger and sweet honey.

Part of our seasonal beer range – brewed in March and April.

Brewed to commemorate St Georges’ Day, which just happens to be Patsy’s birthday.


ABV. 4.8%


Look: Black, Mahogany
Smell: Toffee, Roasted, Coffee
Taste: Rich, Coffee, Liquorice

A dark stout with a smokey liquorice flavour, a smell of toffee and roasted coffee and a satisfying bitter aftertaste.

Part of our occasional beer range.

Named after the song by Jimmy Dean about a 6ft 6in heroic miner. Patsy’s husband just happens to be called John and is also over 6ft tall.


ABV. 5.0%


Look: Redwood, Ebony
Smell: Sweet, Liquorice, Molasses
Taste: Smooth, Rounded, Chocolate

A full bodied dark ebony coloured porter with a smell of liquorice and molasses, a hint of chocolate in the distinctive smooth rounded flavour.

Part of our seasonal beer range – brewed in November and February.


ABV. 5.0%


Look: Redwood, Tawny
Smell: Orange, Cinnamon, Sweet
Taste: Clementine, Spicy, Smooth

A spicy, dark and luscious beer packed with seasonal aromas and a classic clementine flavour in the smooth finish.

Oh my darling, oh my darling… what a beer. Spicy dark and luscious. One sip will have you hooked. Part of our seasonal beer range – brewed in December and January.

Named after the song and daughter of a miner in the 1894 California Gold Rush who tragically drowned.


ABV: Various

A new range of experimental beers that showcase the skills and experience of our team of brewers.

We will produce a range of beers, whenever we get a chance, that offers different hops, yeasts, malts and brewing techniques with the aim of developing new unique beers for you to enjoy. They will be brewed in limited batches so when they are gone they are gone!

Prosperity #1
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Prosperity #2
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Prosperity #3
Coming Soon!


Wigan Central

We are delighted to have opened our second bar – Wigan Central Real Ale & Cider Bar. Wigan’s only dedicated Real Ale & Cider Bar located in the Arch No. 1, Queen Street.
We have brought the 19th century railway arch back to life and given Wigan Central a unique environment and atmosphere to enjoy an eclectic mix of real ales & ciders from brewers from all corners of Britain and beyond.
At any one time 7 real ales and 2 craft ciders will be on the bar alongside a range of 20 plus bottled beers from local brewers. We will also have a great selection of Continental and American bottled beers, lagers and wines to choose from. So what’s not to like!


Prospect Brewery
10a Great George Street

Phone: 01257 421329


09:30-16:30, Monday-Friday